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Changeable Traxx System

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No need to increase your advertising budget…just reallocate!

It amazes me how people are set in their ways. They’ve been successful doing the same things year after year but never stop to think,...

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Photo shoots can help take your fleet graphics to a whole new level!

When we first started introducing wraps and idea of using your fleet as rent free billboards, most looked at us like we were crazy. They...

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Does a framing system damage my box truck or trailer?

To put it bluntly, NO, absolutely not!  In fact, adding a frame system to a box truck or trailer may increase the value.  The next owner...

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How do I clean the advertising skins on my straight truck?

Keeping the advertising skins clean on straight trucks is really very easy.  Consistency and care are the two critical points. Before I...

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Landmark International Trucks is a fleet resource, not a vendor!

I am so use to companies in all types of industries simply taking orders from their customers and not really offering any value or...

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What is fleet graphic consulting?

People ask me what I do for a living all the time and I quickly reply back that I am a fleet graphic consultant.  I then notice a...

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