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Changeable Traxx System

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No need to increase your advertising budget…just reallocate!

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Furniture Fair

It amazes me how people are set in their ways. They’ve been successful doing the same things year after year but never stop to think, “Have I been as successful as I can possibly be?” You have been good but could you have been great? 

This applies in the advertising world too. Companies that have been in business for 50+ years continue to do things the exact same way, year after year. I agree some of this is justified, but think there are plenty of things they can do much better. For example, despite the obvious effects of fragmentation on traditional means of advertising, most companies continue to use the same media the same way. Why? Simply because it’s what they’ve always done, and it’s comfortable for them. It’s what they have built their business on. Old habits are hard to break.

Hypothetical question…If I were to give you (15) billboards placed in strategic places where your current and prospective customers go and was only going to charge you for the production (no monthly rental), would you find a way to incorporate this into your marketing mix?  Production only, rent free billboards!!!!  The obvious answer is yes,
you would find a way to take a little from various places to make this happen. You wouldn’t need to add to your budget. You would just reallocate the budget to make it work. It could be eliminating one radio or TV station from the buy or cutting a few spots from each station you use. Instead of doing a top tier sponsorship, you could go with the middle tier. I hope you are still not in the Yellow Pages but, if you are, this is an easy reallocation move. If you use the billboards in your area, it only makes sense to take advantage of the rent free ones first.  If you still need more, then go with the ones that require monthly rental payments.

It’s crazy to think how many companies rent space before utilizing the space they already own.  It’s truly backwards thinking. The Advertising Trucks Traxx billboard system allows you to take advantage of the extremely valuable space you already own. By reallocating your advertising budget, you can get the most out of your fleet and take advantage of rent free billboards that go exactly where you need them to be.