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Changeable Traxx System

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Feel free to click around, you’ll find pictures and videos that will give you a good idea how our product can work for your company and your industry.  Chances are good that we have an example or two that will speak directly to your needs.  If you don’t see fleet pictures that are from your industry – give us a call.  We do not post everything to our website and have hundreds more pictures to share at your request.

Have fun – click around – how can the TRAXX product bring some excitement to your fleet?  How can Advertising Trucks help you promote your products better using the fleet you already own?

Installation Video – see just how fast a box truck can be changed out.  Okay so we sped it up a bit…but you get the point.

Photo Gallery – we will continue to update with great pictures of fleet graphics showcasing the TRAXX framing system here

Video Gallery – a collection of small videos that you can watch to get a better understanding of the TRAXX framing system

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