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Changeable Traxx System

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Does a framing system damage my box truck or trailer?

Truck Billboard System

Believe it or not, this truck is equipped with the Advertising Trucks Traxx System.

To put it bluntly, NO, absolutely not!  In fact, adding a frame system to a box truck or trailer may increase the value.  The next owner has the system already in place and can take advantage of it if they want. It’s rent free, production only advertising space.  If they choose not to utilize the truck billboard system, it’s no problem because most systems are low profile / hardly noticeable.  However, if necessary, most frame systems can be removed from the box or trailer with no issues. Truck frame systems have been around for quite some time and I have never heard of them causing any issues when sold or turned back in. I’ve only heard they add value, if anything. 

At Advertising Trucks, we can affix the Traxx frame system to the box or trailer two different ways, whichever is the best option for the customers. The most popular method and method we prefer is using Sikaflex – our structural adhesive.  It’s the same adhesive that holds your windshield in your car right now.  Once it cures, the bond will never give and the system will outlast the box or trailer.  The nice thing about the adhesive method is there is no drilling or screwing into the box or trailer.  This is great news for any customers that utilize reefer units.  For the rare instance where riveting the system into the box or trailer is the best method, the Advertising Trucks Traxx system can accommodate.  If the system ever needs to be removed, some simple body work would restore the box or trailer back to normal.
I have a funny, true story that illustrates how low profile and hardly noticeable the Advertising Trucks Traxx system is.  We had the prototype unit of a fleet at one of our facilities for installation of the frame system. I told our head of installation it must be installed by EOB Wednesday. So, on Thursday morning, I poked my head into the install facility to confirm it was completed and the frame was on.  I was shocked and angered to see it was not.  I marched to his office for an explanation. He stood up quietly with a smirk on his face and asked me to follow him to the truck.  At first, I was confused but as we got closer to the truck, I realized my mistake. The system was already affixed to the truck.  It blends in that well and is that low profile.

The Advertising Trucks Traxx billboard system, if anything, adds value to the box or trailer. The system itself is so, “under the radar” that it never causes any problems when turned back in or sold. In fact, there are many times the subject never comes up because you can’t discuss what you don’t notice.