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Changeable Traxx System

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How long does it take to install the frame system?

The normal time to install on a 53′ trailer is about an hour to an hour and a half. Once the system is in place, the vehicle needs to sit idle and allow the adhesive system to fully cure.  We have two different adhesives we use – one that cures in 45 minutes and another in 24 hours.  We typically identify a timeframe where your trailers are idle, such as a weekend.

How long does it take to change out the graphics?

It will typically take 30-45 minutes to change out the graphics on both sides of a 53′ trailer.

Are you able to install the frame and make change outs at multiple locations?

Yes. Advertising Trucks has multiple install teams on our payroll along with a massive network of certified installers to make sure we can handle installs and change outs anywhere in the country.

What is the best way to clean/care for the graphics?

The graphics are durable and can be pressure washed and scrubbed with a soft-cloth brush.

What happens when the graphics are damaged?

Damage is handled on a case by case basis. Often the damage can be repaired.  Once the damage is assessed, Advertising Trucks will repair it in the most cost efficient manner possible.

Who changes out the graphics on all the trucks?

Advertising Trucks will handle all graphics change outs for you. In the rare instance where this isn’t feasible, we will train your staff to perform the change outs themselves.

What is the frame made of? How long will it last?

The frame is made of T-6 (aircraft strength) aluminum that is anodized so it won’t pit over time. The frame will last for the life of your truck and will probably never be removed from the truck.

What are the graphics made of? How long will they last?

The graphics are a “special weave” 15 ounce banner material with a patented, proprietary keder RF welded to the edges to hold the graphic into the frame. The non-lacquered graphic will typically last for 6 to 12 months.  We also offer a lacquered version which will last longer. Actual life cycles will vary.

Who handles the design?

Advertising Trucks has a full service design team on staff and will be as involved as you want us to be, every step of the way.

Who installs the frame system and changes out the graphics?

Advertising Trucks’ installers will handle all installation needs. We will install the frames and perform the change outs at times that are convenient for you and make sure your truck experiences little to no down time.

Why choose a framing system over wrapping your truck?

A framing system allows you to transform your fleet into a true, billboard on wheels. If your company has a marketing budget that is being spent on outdoor advertising, we would recommend utilizing your own space first, and changing the as you focus changes. Let your fleet supplement your other efforts. If you have a very limited budget, a wrap is probably the best course of action. Either way, Advertising Trucks can handle your needs.

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