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Changeable Traxx System

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Why Traxx?

Traxx is the world’s #1 truck framing system and it is exclusively yours from Advertising Trucks. Traxx was developed and engineered to exacting European standards and is the framing system of choice for leading global brands across more than 17 countries. The system is safe and independently tested to the highest possible standards by the UK’s MIRA (Motor Industry Research Association), a world class, vehicle-engineering consultancy.

A Traxx framing system allows you to change your message as quickly, easily and cost effectively as a radio or TV spot. Your truck graphics stay fresh, keeping with brand campaigns, seasonal messages or product promotions.

Reasons our customers utilize Traxx

  • Changeability
  • Reusable
  • Rent free billboard
  • Lowest cost per thousand impressions
  • Installations and changes are quick and easy
  • Messages are topical – seasonal – relevant
  • Ability to take advantage of co-op
  • Benefit of branding and promoting with your messages
  • Fights media fragmentation
  • Your trucks go where you want them to go and where your customers are