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Changeable Traxx System

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How is TRAXX Changing Truck Advertising?

The truck advertising system, TRAXX, is catching on in the United States.  Companies in Cincinnati, Lima and Dayton Ohio, Nashville Tennessee, Lexington and Louisville Kentucky have purchased this advertising system for their fleet.  Why have so many in a short period of time decided to use Advertising Trucks and the TRAXX framing system?  Change!  Never before has a system like this been in the United States.  The TRAXX advertising system gives companies big and small the flexibility they are looking for.  No longer are they stuck with the graphics they decided to put on a box truck or semi tractor trailer.  Now they have the ability to change out their graphics in a flash.  In fact the average truck graphics can be changed out in about 30 minutes.  Compare that to the time needed to change out a vehicle wrap on the same truck.  Most vehicle wraps will take a two man crew 5-8 hours to complete.

Many of our current advertisers have already changed out graphics on their TRAXX equipped vehicles.  One beer distributor changed graphics from one brand to another.  A restaurant customer used the truck advertising system to promote a summertime dessert and has since changed to a dessert that is current for this season.  Being able to quickly change your advertising is key for any business.  As your business needs change, you need to be able to change all of your advertising to support that mission including changing fleet graphics.  With Advertising Trucks and the TRAXX advertising system you have an option to change out a message on your fleet as needed.

What do you think?  Can you see how Advertising Trucks can change how you look at your fleet?