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Changeable Traxx System

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Interested In Becoming A Reseller of Advertising Trucks Traxx Framing System?

Advertising Trucks and Traxx have joined forces to offer the United States a product that has already taken off in 11 other countries. With over 10,000 units running the streets across the globe, you now have the opportunity to get involved at the ground level here in the United States. Advertising Trucks is now accepting applications to become a reseller of this very exciting truck and trailer framing system.

If your company already sells fleet graphics you may be a perfect candidate for this product. Advertising Trucks is ideally looking for companies that already have existing relationships with people purchasing graphics for a fleet. Other companies that may also be a strong fit are those companies that sell other products to those in charge of a large fleet of trailers or box trucks. If you believe you are a fit and are excited about the prospects of selling a unique product to your market fill out the form below to get the process started.

To qualify your company must:

  1. Have over three years in business
  2. Have a strong balance sheet as the pre-order of product will be necessary
  3. Have a dedicated sales person that works this product exclusively
  4. Be able to move a minimum number of units to remain a reseller

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