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How do I clean the advertising skins on my straight truck?

Straight Truck

Keep your advertising skins looking sharp and clean!

Keeping the advertising skins clean on straight trucks is really very easy.  Consistency and care are the two critical points. Before I tell you how to keep these advertising skins clean, we first have to identify the type you are utilizing.  The first advertising skin option is a less durable, promotional one.  These graphics are used for a shorter amount of time or changed more frequently – possibly a quarterly promotion, grand opening or seasonal sale.  They aren’t up for the long term (a year or less).  Since these advertising skins are virtually unprotected, you must be very consistent and careful when cleaning them.  At a minimum, you’ll want to clean them every two weeks – during bad weather months we recommend once a week.  We don’t think this is too much to ask considering your fleet (no matter how big or small) is your company’s “Director of Impressions” out on the streets.  To properly clean these promotional advertising skins, we suggest spraying them off using water only, but don’t blast them either. If a pressure washer is used, have it on the spray setting and do it from a distance.  Always keep in mind this type of advertising skin is unprotected and vulnerable to aggressive cleaning.  If you consistently spray them off with water, you will stay ahead of the game”, and your advertising skins will always look great.

The second advertising skin option for a straight truck is a more durable, protected one.  These graphics are used long term and typically feature a branding message.  A message that will be valid and topical for years to come.  As a result of being covered with a protective coat, you can clean these advertising skins more aggressively.  However, we still strongly recommend consistency and care.  For these more durable advertising skins, a soft cloth brush can be used along with a mild detergent.  Once again we suggest consistent cleaning (once every two weeks minimum) and that you always error on the careful side when using a pressure washer.

Regardless of the option you choose for your advertising skins, with the proper consistency and care, we are sure you will be surprised with how durable they are.  Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression so it’s important that your fleet always represents exactly what you want people to know and feel about your company.