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Changeable Traxx System

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Changeable mobile billboards!

After 30 years as a radio executive, I learned that for most clients, reach and frequency were the keys to a successful marketing campaign, and it all started with a timely, creative commercial message. Smart clients would time their creative to reach the consumer with seasonal promotions and special sales to drive added traffic and increased product sales.

Until recently, truck side advertising had been limited to logo or branding messages utilizing cut vinyl or full vinyl wraps designed to provide reach and frequency for three to five years. While this brand reinforcement is extremely effective and cost efficient for many companies, the only downside is the lack of flexibility to change the message more frequently without incurring the added downtime and expense of stripping and adding new wraps to your fleet of vehicles.

What if there was a way to turn your trucks into rent-free, changeable mobile billboards? Now there is. Traxx Global partnered with Advertising Trucks to bring the best quick change truck side billboard system to the roads of the U.S.

The Traxx framing system allows you to rotate your creative, keeping billboards fresh, ads current, and even offers you the options of displaying different messages on the driver and passenger sides of the truck. In less than 30 minutes’ installation time, each truck can display new creative, mirroring the same promotions used on other forms of advertising like TV, radio, and billboards. Imagine effective, cost efficient, rent-free mobile billboards at your disposal. Now you can with TRAXX.

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