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Changeable Traxx System

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Does a framing system damage my box truck or trailer?

To put it bluntly, NO, absolutely not!  In fact, adding a frame system to a box truck or trailer may increase the value.  The next owner...

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Top 5 reasons to utilize the Advertising Trucks Traxx billboard system for your fleet!

PROVEN: The Advertising Trucks Traxx billboard system is the most popular in the world and currently utilized by over 10,000 companies in...

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Changeable mobile billboards!

After 30 years as a radio executive, I learned that for most clients, reach and frequency were the keys to a successful marketing...

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Why Utilize the Advertising Trucks Traxx Billboard System?

Cost Effective – compared to any other form of advertising. Proven – utilized in 11 countries on over 10,000+ vehicles. Quick...

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How is TRAXX Changing Truck Advertising?

The truck advertising system, TRAXX, is catching on in the United States.  Companies in Cincinnati, Lima and Dayton Ohio, Nashville...

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