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Changeable Traxx System

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Furniture stores are embracing the Advertising Trucks Traxx system for their fleet!

One of the categories that is really embracing the Advertising Trucks Traxx billboard system is furniture / home furnishings.  After...

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Out With the Old Frame System, In With the New Traxx Frame System

A problem I have when calling potential clients to introduce our Traxx Frame System for their fleet of box trucks or trailers is my...

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Landmark International Trucks is a fleet resource, not a vendor!

I am so use to companies in all types of industries simply taking orders from their customers and not really offering any value or...

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What is fleet graphic consulting?

People ask me what I do for a living all the time and I quickly reply back that I am a fleet graphic consultant.  I then notice a...

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Taking Advantage of The Traxx “Changeable” Frame System

Back in June, 2012, a local furniture store added a new product line, “The i Comfort Bed”.  They have been introducing this product to the...

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Servatii saves advertising “dough” with changeable fleet billboards!

Servatii, the largest local pastry chain in the Cincinnati/Tri-State area with over 13 neighborhood locations from West Chester to...

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