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Changeable Traxx System

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Utilizing a Truck Frame System as Neighborhood Billboards

With today’s zoning Laws, how do you get a large outdoor billboard into a neighborhood? It’s easy with the World’s #1 quick change truck advertising frame system for your fleet of box trucks or semi-truck trailers. What’s a better way to reach neighborhood residents?  A small newspaper ad which they will use for their fire pit or a 20′, 24′, 26′, 28′ box truck, and or a semi-truck trailer?

As a retail company, if I offered you  RENT FREE billboards in residential communities and all you had to pay for was production and installation, would you accept this offer? Now you can because Advertising Trucks is comprised of professionals whose sole purpose is to help companies understand the value of incorporating existing assets into their marketing budget. Everything we do is about making sure your fleet becomes more effective, accountable, and a valued resource that produces results to your bottom line.

Advertising Trucks offers a unique approach to truck advertising by utilizing the world’s most popular framing system coupled with the resources to turn your fleet of box trucks and semi-truck trailers into changeable moving billboards. Our goal is to help you move from a simple branded look, to a more uniform sales oriented approach; one that drives revenue. Our Traxx System can connect your other design and brand elements together for a lasting impression

By: Brian “B Hop” Hopton