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Changeable Traxx System

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Take advantage of your fleet and make your truck ads go to work for your company!

Trax Tires

Trax Tires

It’s amazing to me that more companies don’t take advantage of the fleet space they already own.  It’s rent free, production only media.  Yet, they always seem to take full advantage of TV ads, radio ads, billboard ads, online ads, etc.  It’s traditional ad media that requires payment of monthly rental and is severely affected by fragmentation.  I’m not saying these avenues don’t work, just that it seems a little “backwards”.  Traditional media fragmentation has made them less and less effective and harder to figure out, and the monthly rental is less than ideal.  Your truck ads are unaffected by this fragmentation and rental free.  Therefore, you should take advantage of your truck ad space first and then look for other options.  On top of this, you never hesitate to change your traditional ad space to keep up with promotions, sales or seasons, however, your truck ads continue to stay the same.  The Advertising Trucks Traxx billboard system allows your truck ads to change with all your other ad media. 

Let’s go through a hypothetical scenario to better illustrate my point. If I were to give you a rent free billboard for the next five years and all you had to pay for was the production, would you take advantage of it and how would you use it?  The majority answer would be yes we would use it for the full five years with quarterly change outs at a minimum.  Admit it…this is the way you were leaning too.  Why is it so easy to get when it pertains to billboard ads but so difficult when it comes to your own truck ads?  It’s simple…habit and comfort.  You have built your business utilizing traditional media and its familiar to you.  It’s simply a matter of time until the majority of companies “see the light” and embrace their rent free truck ads.  Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of great companies, big and small, already reaping the benefits but I look forward to witnessing many more in the near future.