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Changeable Traxx System

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Maryland Library looks to Advertise while making money with their changeable billboard system!

Carroll County Public Library began in 1863, when the Westminster Public Library was founded by Reverend J.A. Monroe and Dr. Charles Billingslea. The library was supported by membership dues and fines, and was open to the public on Friday afternoons. Today, they have system-wide circulation exceeded 4.4 million and 10,332 children and teens participated in CCPL’s summer reading programs. CCPL has maintained the highest circulation per capita in Maryland since 1994.

The technology behind the Traxx Framing System makes promoting new or seasonal items easy and fun. A frame that literally blends in with the profile of the truck and banners that slide in and out with ease and store nicely to be used time and time again make this product a marketing person’s dream. Save money by using your own fleet of vehicles to advertise your current products and promotions or choose to brand your company in between promotions. The system allows you to change your message as often as possible and re-use the message over again the next time around.

Carroll County Public Library gets it! They understand how beneficial and cost effective the Traxx Framing System really is. Not only do the banners serve as rolling billboards when the trucks are on the roads, but they also trump zoning laws in several locations and they are leasing out their sides so local businesses can advertise on their trucks. With the Traxx Framing System, Carroll County Library is able to park the trucks, now 24 foot double-sided billboards, in the vicinity of their libraries, drawing the attention of traffic and pedestrians, bringing the public directly into their libraries.

By: Brian “B Hop” Hopton