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Changeable Traxx System

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Furniture stores are embracing the Advertising Trucks Traxx system for their fleet!

Furniture Fair

Furniture Fair

One of the categories that is really embracing the Advertising Trucks Traxx billboard system is furniture / home furnishings.  After speaking with many of these companies, I found out the main reasons why.  Some of the reasons were very obvious while others are not but make total sense.

A rent-free billboard on wheels – They own the space so why not use it to the max.  This works when the vehicle is on delivery, parked in a driveway or in a visible location.  For the cost of production only, you can place your billboards in the exact areas where you want them to be…and it’s for a fraction of the cost of traditional billboards.

Seasonality – Different products are hot at different times of the year.  The changeable truck billboard system allows the fleet to focus on what is hot or pertinent now.  You can now run a holiday promotion for the entire month of November and December and feature it on the sides of your trucks.   Then, when the holidays are over, you can remove the graphics and put up graphics that focus on a first quarter sale.

Promotions – With the Advertising Trucks Traxx system, you can emphasize a promotion or special on your fleet with a definite end date noted.  Once it has expired, the graphics can be replaced and possibly re-used at a later date.

Co-op – Different products can be featured and a lot of times the manufacturer will chip in to help cover the cost.  You both get to take advantage of rent free billboard space at a very cost effective price.

Outdated products – What’s hot and trending now may be old news in six months.  The Advertising Trucks Traxx billboard system allows your fleet to always be featuring the “now” product and helps you avoid looking foolish with outdated products on the trucks.  Also, you may not carry brands in the future that you carry today.  You are no longer “married” to what is on your fleet.

Multiple product types and lines – A lot of these stores carry various products and the Traxx system allows you to rotate your graphics and focus on different things on different sides.  Of course, you can have the same graphics on each side or truck too.  The point is, there is total flexibility for you.

Location, location, location – With the Advertising Trucks Traxx billboard system, you get the benefit of advertising while your trucks are on the road and, most importantly, in residential areas.

Fights Fragmentation –  Consumers are getting more and more difficult to reach because of all of the options available to them (Ex.  DVR’s, satellite radio, mobile devices, etc).  Visual, truck side advertising is unaffected by all this technology and allows you to reach who you want in a cost effective way.  It can’t be zapped away or tuned out – it’s in your face advertising that will make impressions on customers.

For certain business categories, the Advertising Trucks Traxx billboard system just makes sense and furniture is definitely one of them.  More and more of these companies are realizing it’s a “no-brainer” decision and they can’t afford to NOT utilize the system on their fleet.