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Changeable Traxx System

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Do I have to remove my current graphics to install the Traxx Frame?

No! This is why companies hold so much value in the Traxx Frame System, once the frame is installed, the banner slides over top of your current message.

If you have full body wraps on your fleet of box trucks and or Trailers, our installers remove three (3) inches per side to affix the Frame directly to the box truck or trailer, the frame is ½ inch thick making the Traxx Frame flush with the Frame of the box. Once the frame is installed we can now switch your message in a matter of 20 minutes per side without removing the current wrap.

A Client of ours just added a new product line, “The iComfort Bed”. In a matter of 15 minutes per side, their message was changed on the sides of their box trucks because of the Traxx Frame System. There was no removal process of their old logo because the banner slid right over their cut vinyl logo. They ran this message for three months, and then switched it out with a Serta ad, thanks to some co-op! They see the advantages of integrating more of their marketing now into their own fleet of box trucks by utilizing a Truck Frame! They are now able to match their Fleet of Box Trucks to their In-Store POP’s, Radio, TV, and Newspaper Promotions.

The images are crisp, allowing for a vivid and memorable advertisement. The Changing / Rotating of their marketing message will keep their billboards / banners fresh, so that people on the roads will continue to look at the same truck. Now they can stay current and mirror their box trucks with their other marketing with the quickness and ease of banner change outs. They can even reuse their banners!

Advertising Trucks allows you the Luxury of getting 365 days worth of billboard coverage, in the markets you serve, with no monthly media charges, you own the Frame and Vinyl Banners!

When you start to understand the advantages and overall benefits of utilizing a framing system, you’ll start to ask yourself, “Why Not?”