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Changeable Traxx System

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Designing TRAXX Banners for Seasonal and Promotional Use [Part 1]

Having a TRAXX system allows you to have a lot more creative freedom for different messages you want to show. If your company typically has a very structured brand, but you’re going to be having a “Blow Out” sale, you could come up with a design that really stands out.  Keep in mind that these are moving billboards, so keep your text to a minimum with eye-catching images or products and bold colors so that it won’t be missed.

In this example, the company wanted to match their trucks to the advertising they had on the outside of their building, so that when it is driving from location to location, people still make the connection of who it is.

Restaurants and companies that offer a wide variety of products benefit from the TRAXX system. With TRAXX system, the company can decide what products to showcase during certain times of the year.  Wendy’s has chosen to advertise their burger and fries during the summer months, but can easily change out their TRAXX skins to advertise soups and salads during the winter.

In this example, Wendy’s wrapped the majority of their trailer and included certain TRAXX areas on the sides.  This trailer travels to events and different locations promoting their brand.  With the TRAXX system, Wendy’s can easily change out ad designs to accommodate the seasons, their target market, or locations their trailer will be parked.

TRAXX is the one of the only systems in the world that gives companies the ability to easily change out advertising within minutes to portray different messages.