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Changeable Traxx System

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The World’s #1 Quick Change Truck Framing System Is Finally Available In America—

Traxx Global has partnered with Advertising Trucks to bring the best quick change Truckside Billboard System to the roads of the U.S.A.  This system was developed and engineered to exacting European standards and now has over 10,000 trucks in operation from the UK to Australia to Brazil.  Traxx is utilized by such international brands as Michelin, McDonalds, and Ikea. Read more about Why you should go for Traxx Framing System.

Benefits of Using A Truck Framing System

  • Images are much more crisp than traditional vehicle wraps, allowing for a more vivid and memorable advertisement
  • Rotating creative will keep your billboards fresh, meaning people will continue to look at the same truck
  • Changeability means your ads can stay current, and in some cases even be reused
  • By installing the Traxx frame system, you can charge for the space on the sides of your trucks (to key relationships) much like you charge for the space on your shelves

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