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Changeable Traxx System

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Servatii saves advertising “dough” with changeable fleet billboards!

Servatii, the largest local pastry chain in the Cincinnati/Tri-State area with over 13 neighborhood locations from West Chester to Crestview Hills, and Beechmont to Fairfield, recently opted to install the Truck Framing System on their fleet of 17 foot box trucks. A far cry from the horse drawn wagon Servatii founder’s delivery method in the late 1800’s, box trucks now make deliveries across the region. In an attempt to stand out from competitors, as well as attract clientele, these trucks are now rolling billboards for the most mouth-watering products Servatii’s bakes. Draped across both sides of the trucks are highly visual messages informing customers of not only who they are but what they do, and the best part is they can change these messages as often as they like.

The technology behind the Traxx Framing System makes promoting new or seasonal items easy and fun. A frame that literally blends in with the profile of the truck, and banners that slide in and out with ease and store nicely to be used time and time again make this product a marketing person’s dream. Save money by using your own fleet of vehicles to advertise your current products and promotions, or choose to brand your company in between promotions. Truck Framing System allows you to change your message as often as you’d like and re-use the messages the next time that promotion comes up.

Servatii’s gets it! They understand how beneficial and cost effective the Traxx Framing System really is. Not only do the banners serve as rolling billboards when the trucks are making rounds, but they also trump zoning laws in several locations. Many of the Tri-State Servatii locations are in the heart of cities with sign and billboard restrictions. With the Traxx Framing System, Servatii is able to park the trucks, now 17” double-sided billboards, in the vicinity of the store front, drawing the attention of traffic and pedestrians, drawing customers directly into the stores.
By: Brian “B Hop” Hopton

changeable fleet billboards