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Changeable traxx System

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Truck Frame System on Trucks will Add Another Revenue Stream for Printing Company’s


Advertising Trucks and Traxx have joined forces to offer the United States a system that has already flourished in 12 other countries. Such brands as McDonalds, Michelin, IKEA, and Frito Lay currently utilize this system totaling over 8,000 trucks in operation in the World. As a large format printer you now have the opportunity to get involved at the ground level here in the United States.  Advertising Trucks would like to partner with your company as a reseller of the Traxx Truck Billboard System.

Ideally, printers who already offer fleet graphics as a part of their business would benefit from the partnership. The current relationships these printers have with their clients will only be strengthened by the benefits offered to those clients through utilizing this changeable banner system. These clients that already purchase vinyl logos or graphics will appreciate the opportunity to save money in the long run while at the same time turning their trucks into mobile television commercial. Take those branding or product related messages and turn them into colorful graphics with a specific, time sensitive message and then change them quickly, easily and cost effectively. This is the idea behind the Traxx Truck Billboard System, the world’s most efficient truck banner system. Our goal is to change the mindset from simply branding to that of a more sales oriented approach, one that will drive revenue for all companies involved. For a more comprehensive look visit

For more information contact:  Brian Hopton / 513/554-4700 Office /