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Changeable Traxx System

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Taking Advantage of The Traxx “Changeable” Frame System

Back in June, 2012, a local furniture store added a new product line, “The i Comfort Bed”.  They have been introducing this product to the public through graphics on the sides of their box trucks. Recently, they decided to take advantage of the Traxx Framing System which allows them to change the message on the sides of the truck to keep current with products and promotions. In a matter of 15 minutes per side their message can be changed allowing them to integrate more of their marketing into their own fleet of box truck mobile billboards! Now these mobile billboards can capture the same audience and reiterate the message portrayed in their In-Store Point of Purchase, Radio, TV, and Newspaper Promotions.

  • The images are crisp, allowing for a vivid and memorable ad
  • Changing and/or rotating their marketing messages will keep their trucks looking new, constantly catching the eyes of people on the roads, sending out current promotional messages
  •  The quick and easy change-outs allow them to change the message for as long or as short amount of time as necessary depending on products or promotions and the durability of the banners allows them the option to reuse the banners as often as they like

Advertising Trucks allows you the luxury of getting 365 days worth of billboard coverage, in the markets you serve, with no monthly media charges! You own the Trucks, the Frame and Banners!

By:  Brian “B Hop” HoptonGraphic installation on truck-1Graphic installation on truck-2Graphic installation on truck-3Graphic installation on truck-4Graphic installation on truck-5Graphic installation on truck-6