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Changeable Traxx System

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Traxx Safety and Durability

Traxx – Tested and Approved

The Traxx system has been tested twice at the MIRA testing grounds in the UK.  The latest test were done in 2011 and tested both the frame and also the durability of our banner.  During these test the system was intentionally damaged and unclasped to see what would happen as it drove around a track at speeds in excess to 70 mph.  Even after uncoupling frame or intentionally tearing the banner they system was still intact as it drove around the track.  Watch our video below to get a better explanation of the efforts we have made to make sure your fleet is not only a great part of your marketing plan….but also a SAFE one.



Traxx Banner Intentionally Cut

Traxx Banner Cut Made Larger

Frame Intentionally Unclipped for Test