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Changeable Traxx System

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Changeable Fleet Graphics for Your Own Private Fleet

I received a phone call a couple of weeks ago from a company in Knoxville, Tennessee that has its own fleet of box trucks and semi-tractor trailers.  The owner told me that they have 12 locations throughout Knoxville and for many years they have spent tens of thousands of dollars on outdoor billboards.

They found us online and learned more about our Traxx Framing System for their private fleet.

They loved the fact that our Traxx Framing System:

  • is a four sided frame that is flush with the truck
  • looks like it is part of the box trucks/trailers
  • doesn’t increase gas mileage
  • doesn’t flap in the wind when they are on the highways
  • can be installed within an hour and a half
  • doesn’t damage the box trucks/trailers
  • requires little to no maintenance because the frame is installed with SikaFlex adhesive
  • creates flexibility in changing the side graphics at any given time and the banners are reusable
  • allows the company to own the mobile billboards without having to lease the space on roads/highways
  • turns their fleet into a changeable rolling billboard
  • helps companies save money and drive more business back to their products/business by running more promotional/seasonal ads rather than branding graphics

Needless to say, we outfitted their entire fleet of box trucks and semi-tractor trailers!

Here is what their box trucks currently look like, check back in two weeks for their new changeable look!

By:  Brian “B Hop” Hopton

Changeable Fleet Graphics for Your Own Private Fleet